Chichester Apartments : Access Statement

Before booking to stay at any of our apartments, please check that the accommodation meets your access needs.

The fire alarm system at all Chichester Apartments operates using an audible alert system. Unfortunately this means that we cannot accommodate unaccompanied guests with severe hearing difficulties, as there is no safe way to warn you of danger in the event of fire.

Stocklund House

Entrance to the building is located at street level. The apartment is located on the second floor of the building.

There are two entrances at the front and back of the building - one is a stairway leading to the apartment, the other leads to a lift for residents' use.

Parking for one vehicle is provided in the gated car park.

The apartment is a two bedroom flat, with all bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas on one floor.

Please note that access to the second floor is either via a staircase or passenger lift. There are bars and a handrail on the left hand side on the staircase (when ascending). A lift is also available, but cannot be used in case of fire.

The communal corridors are are illuminated by automatic hallway lighting, activated by movement sensors.

In the ensuite bathroom, there is a freestanding shower, with a lip approximately 5 cm high.

In the main bathroom, there is a bath with shower over. You will need to be able to enter the bath in order to take a shower.